The Mission of a Vocation Prayer Team
To build a culture of vocations in a parish by fostering prayer, promotion, education and support for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
The pastor of each parish has a responsibility to foster, promote, affirm, and support healthy vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and married life.  The lay faithful collaborate with their pastor in this vital effort through fostering, promoting and affirming vocations through 4 pillars: Prayer, Awareness, Education, and Support. Organizing a parish vocation prayer team is one way to support this effort.  The subsequent pages contain ideas and templates that should help to get you started.  We are constantly looking for new ideas.  Please help us in this effort by submitting your ideas in an email!
Petition God to move the hearts of youth in your parish to respond to God’s call and to pray for the perseverance of vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
We must pray everyday for our young people to find and live their vocations.  Prayer is the key to assisting our youth to hear the “whisper” of God’s call and to have the courage to respond to God’s call in gratitude.  A parish vocation prayer team can foster prayer in three ways:  in the community, as individuals, and within families. For ideas to promote prayer for vocations in your parish, click here.
To ensure each person knows God has a particular plan for his/her life.
Awareness ensures that each person knows a vocation is a gift and call from God.  Education ensures that youth are disposed to listen for this call as they develop. As young people mature, it is our duty to form them to become aware that God has a particular vocation for each individual.  This call of God is not a “Thunderclap” nor a “Lightning Bolt” but a quiet moving of the heart and mind to serve Him in a special way. For ideas to raise awareness and promote vocations in your parish, click here.
To help each person to know and understand each vocation and be formed to discern God's call.
Education ensures that each person understands the vocations or ways we serve God in the Church.  They help one to understand that a vocation is a call from God rooted in Baptism and the path He intends for us to follow to complete our mission in life. Young people need education to assist them in discerning God's call while those who have chosen a particular vocation need continuing education to help them grow in the identity of their particular vocation.  For ways to educate and form your parishioners and build a culture of vocations in your parish, click here.
To assist through time, talent and resources for youth discerning God’s call, and for those who have responded to God’s call.
One of the essential elements of support is demonstrating respect, gratitude, and love for those who have accepted the call to religious life and priesthood and those who are discerning God’s call.  Priests, religious, seminarians and novices need to know, on a human level, their commitment to God has value. As with anything of “value”, there is also a personal investment of our energy. Encouraging with our own talents and skills assists religious and priests and demonstrates support for the efforts of building up the Kingdom.  In utilizing our talents, driven by our faith and shared vision, we show priests and religious that they are not alone in their mission to serve God. Our “investment in their vision” gives their vocation stronger meaning, deeper value, and greater joy.  For ways to support vocations or just to say thanks for one who has responded to God's call, click here.

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