How can you support your children's vocations?
  • Create an environment in which your children are aware that God created each of them in a special way and that He has a plan for each of them!
  • Always speak with respect for priests and religious, even/especially when differences of opinion arise. Be careful of the way criticism of the Church is handled. Be intolerant of humor and innuendo that devalues spirituality, religious life and priesthood.
  • Pray daily as a family at a time most convenient for all. Include intentions for those already living a vocation to Church ministry – that they may fulfill their Christian vocation in love and service to God; and that those persons faced with a vocational choice consider their own God-given abilities, and decide on a vocation in light of God’s will for them.
  • Encourage children to become involved in parish projects, organizations, and in charitable activities.
  • Pray that one of your children will be called by God to the priesthood or religious life, and that they might be able to answer the Call!
  • Help the children understand, by word and action, that our Catholic is important
  • Build positive attitudes regarding a life of prayer and service to God and humanity.
  • Let the children see the example of parents who live a Christian life, take the Gospel demands seriously, and value Church vocations.
  • Let your children notice an attitude of openness to God's will in you.
  • Encourage your children to pray that he or she might discover and use the gifts God has given him.
  • Include the Diocesan vocation prayer in your personal and family prayer.
  • Attend an ordination of a priest or deacon with your children.
  • Answer your children’s questions about Priesthood or Religious Life or invite a Priest or Sister to visit with your child to answer his or her questions.
  • Invite your Parish Priest or a Religious Sister to lunch or supper with your family.
  • Discuss with your spouse your feelings and reactions to one of your children choosing to live their life as a Priest or Religious Sister.
  • If you have any questions about your child's vocation or how to promote vocations in your family, please contact Fr. Chris Peschel, (Assistant Vocations Director) at
For more information and resources for ways in which you can promote and nurture vocations in your family, CLICK HERE


"The PRIMARY place where vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life are nurtured is the FAMILY"
-Saint John Paul II, Reflection on Vocations

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